I'm loving being home, outside of the windshield time spent carting Adria to driver's ed and back.  And I've really enjoyed being able to spend some time at my stamping desk.  It's cheap and PRODUCTIVE therapy. They say that exercise is good for stress therapy too, but I tried that once and had to spend 10 weeks on crutches and a good cry?  Well, your mascara runs or at least you end up with red swollen eyes.  So stamp…it's good for what ails you.  And if you are using a set with Serene in the name, how can you not be in the zone!

So here's one of the samples that I'm using here in August for my Stamps by Mail.  If you aren't familiar with stamps by mail, here's the quick skinny.  I prep cardstock for 8 cards (2 designs) and give you a short list of required items you'll need to complete them.  Cardstock packet with directions is only $13.50 for 8 cards, ($23 for double-up.)  Of course, if you need any of the items on the list, I'd be happy to order that right up for you…and it gets even better, when you order either the Stamp of the Month (Serene Silhouettes) or the Product of the Month (Essentials Paper – Piercing Pack – pg 181) you will receive 15% off one or both items!  How cool is that!  No committments, no hassle and easy to create stash of cards!

So here's the card


Serene Silhouettes SBM August



Click here for a list of required items for August's Stamps by Mail or more info about the program.