Today it seems like all things French.  I woke up to the Living Social Deal of Riding Lessons in the neighboring subdivision!  Can you believe it?  I haven’t ridden since Ella was born 5 years ago and I think as a little treat to myself, I’m going to start again when she goes to kindergarten in the fall. I’ve been meaning to start exercising and this seems like a perfect blend, fun exercise.  But how is that French, you ask?  Well, about 30 pounds and 15 years ago, my aunt Marcia and I took a trip on horseback to France.  We LOVED it and the food too.

And this rainy drippy morning felt like the first day that we started our ride in the Agen area of France.  So  that’s what started it…. and and when I walked to office, my socks got wet, made me irritated and I needed to make myself feel a little better, right?   (the obvious question would be, why didn’t wear shoes in the first place?)  so I walked back to the house, poured myself another cup of Starbucks FRENCH roast and cut myself a big ol’ hunk of French bread and brie cheese and am calling it a French Breakfast.  We did eat a LOT of baguettes for breakfast over there.  Usually with Pruneaux Jam (prune jam, and it’s WAY better than it looks and sounds)

So then I decided that you needed a little peek at my French Scrapbook pages that I did for May’s Designer Series Paper of the month, Well Worn featuring French Foliage.  I still have a couple of kits left so get yours NOW!


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Kit-Picked Up$15.50 USD Kit – Mailed$19.00 USD

This was a day that we rode our horses thru the countryside of France, had a picnic on the grounds of this old castle.  Man that was good time, and truth be told, I’m looking forward to kindergarten so that I can finally scrapbook the rest of these photos.

Well, I still have a little more Brie left so I better run back in and get more bread.  Hmm, that would mean I’ve eaten half the loaf myself and perhaps might need to start that exercise a bit sooner?