Stampers!  It truely has been a while since I posted here and I wanted to share the list with you the moment it came out on Sunday…alas, I've been swamped with Scrapbook Expo preparations.  We got three of our display boards all organized with signage etc.  I will have to say that it REALLY REALLY looks nice.  Make sure you bring your cameras. 

So here's your link to the Retiring List and I quickly wanted to show you a couple of other things that we've been doing.  Last week one of my dear dear customers fell exiting my office.  Now she claims that it was her fault and  that it was her trifocals and that her knee just plain gave out amd while I'm sure that's what happened, I don't want to take ANY chances of anyone else repeating the process.  It's painful and debilitating and really not in good form to be treating my customers this way.  :)    At least she didn't break a hip but she's still in pretty bad shape….So a couple of weeks ago, (before the accident) we put in the parking spaces and now this….a new sidewalk to the back porch and around the office.  IMG_7302[1]Hopefully this will not only help with the falling problem but also will create a new pathway to the house from where we usually park our own vehicles.  I usually can tell which of the children that have arrived or left by the paraphenalia that is strewn threw the office in their wakes…I'm thinking they will be less inclined to drop the stuff outdoors?  One can hope. 

So that was today and then Adria tells me yesterday that the Soccer Team Dinner is at our house this afternoon and she wanted stuffed shells.  So two pans of stuffed shells, one large batch of mostacolli, five heads of romaine  for Cesar salad and three loaves of bread later, I have 18 soccer girls fed and watered and now are off to the game tonight.  Lets hope they are adequately carbed up.

All for today.  I'll share the Make and Takes for this weekend tomorrow.  Check back soon.