I"m pretty sure that I have the WORLD"S BEST PARENTS and I wonder how they got stuck with kids like my brother and I, as they certainly don't deserve us!!    Eeks, that's just plain' ol NOT FAIR!  Maybe one day Calvin and I won't be such a headache to them.  :) 

But enough about MY issues as this is about my DAD IMG_7299
  He's SO AWESOME.  Dear old Dad installed my new cabinets yesterday and they are so beautiful that I keep turning around in my chair to look at them.  Remember the vanity bases that were under the tables that Rob re-did for me?  Dad took those vanities faces, and rebuilt a cabinet for my paper.  Some of my 12×12 languishes in the slots and it's open to the sun and I've noticed a tad of fading on a few of the sheets.  I was going to sew a curtain for the existing cabinets but again, did I tell you that my DAD IS AWESOME?  And did I mention the cabinets are beautiful?  Check out the transformation.  He even built slots inside just like my existing cabinets so my paper stays organized. 


You can see what they used to look like here.  Although you can't really grasp how the old white ones stuck out a bit.  This just looks so lovely I can hardly stand it.  The only problem that I can see with this cabinet is…….that it makes the other side of my desk look so un-matchy.  :)  He did say that he's still go two doors and a couple of drawer faces left….but I'm going to play my cards right and WAIT until he's forgotten how much of a headache this project was before I ask him to make me a few more for the other side!  Did I mention that my parents really don't deserve me and my scheming?  Hmmm, and I wonder where MY children get it!?!