Morning stampers.  My knee is killing me today.  I'm thinking that perhaps it's going to storm today?  It's that lovely old soccer injury from here.   Exercise is really overrated.  So instead of working out today…I'm injured, right?   I'm working on my mid month newsletter with all the last minute reminders for March.  So why am I telling you this?  Because if you haven't signed up for my newsletter, you need to.  You must have ALL the stamping information that I can give you.  Move your eyes to the upper left and where it says, Subscribe/Join my Mailing List, simply enter your information here.  I promise that I will not sell your email to fund my children's soccer programs or the latest teenage fashion craze.  It's safe and secure, I swear.

Now, perhaps you would like to receive the BLOG updates the day that I post.  Like for instance, you want to know the minute that a new winner is drawn, you need to move your eyes to the blog header and click on the little blue Subscribe! button.  Capture

This will enter your email in the Feed Burner and it will deliver the blog updates to your email on a daily basis.  Too cool hey, no remembering to log into the Blog!  Gotta love it.  So that's all for today.  I hope it rains soon, so I'm ambulatory,  but that would take away my excuse not to exercise.  Dilemmas!  Getting old isn't for the faint at heart.