off to work I go.  I'll have to admit that I've been on a semi-vacation.  I'll be honest and tell you a secret.  I haven't stamped since Dec 10th.  I asked Rob yesterday if I would remember how!  I'm excited to be back in the office today.  The energetic child is back in school and the teenagers are still asleep.  So, I'm lovin' life this morning…but I better get movin!  So it's off to work I go.  I just can't sit here dreaming about our upcoming Stampin' Up! trip to Disney, now can I!  Ella is so unbelievable excited.  We drove past Holy Hill on our way home from the inlaws last night and she thought we were at Disney and it was the Princess Castle!  She has NO idea how much fun she's going to have, now does she!

So what can I share with you???  I haven't stamped anything new in 4 weeks!  So until this afternoon when the cobwebs clear from the stamp desk, you'll have to settle for a reminder that the HOLIDAY MINI is ending tomorrow!  Last day to order those awesome sets…Christmas Lodge and Gently Falling!  Here's a card from the Gently Falling Stamps By Mail that I did earlier.  Watch for the newsletter later this week for more information about the January Stamps By Mail!

Sbm15.9.7So quick, make your last minute choices and email, call, or order online