Here in Wisconsin, Halloween is not for the faint of heart.  Same concept applies to the frilly short sleeved Easter dresses….as we could very well have COLD and SNOW.  So at times like this, the philosophy of "don't fight the inevitable and work with what you are given" applies.  No cute bug costumes, princesses or belly dancers here….Incorporate the weather into the costume.  I wasn't sure what Ella's costume was going to be and I was feeling a little guilty as I have the reputation for fun, original and creative costumes (see the Butterfly Duct Tape Dress)…..Inspiration and the Big Shot struck yesterday.

Behold, Miss Alaska.  IMG_6579  We dressed Ella up in her Snow Suit and pink tiara, found the Stuffed Alaskan Malamute that she sleeps with (souvenir of the Stampin' Up! Alaskan Cruise this spring) and cut a sash from white fabric.  I ran some black cardstock through the Big Shot and  used the Serif Essentials Alphabet 113464 (Mind you, I got the letters 50% off with a $400 party!!!)  Then I just used Tacky Glue to glue them to the sash.  Quick, easy and weather appropriate.

Adria and her friends wanted to head out Trick or Treating as well.  Since they ARE highschoolers, I made the compromise that "Sure, they could go but they needed to take Ella so that they had a reason to be out".  The girls and their "trainer" were 80's Aerobics/Joggers. IMG_6576  Pathetic that the clothes we used to wear have now become Halloween costumes!  I'm NOT that old.  Oh, well off to collect my Candy Bar Tariff and console myself at my stamping desk. 

Perhaps I should think about using those 80's clothes for some exercise…oh wait, I don't have that body from the 80's and these aren't covering NEARLY enough of the 2011 body.  :)  So I'll just sit here and eat my candy bars.