It's not too late to throw out a few more Halloween decorations.  Some years, I'm JUST starting to decorate at this time of year.  :)  So if you are more organized than I, perhaps you'll want to order the supplies and get them ready FOR NEXT year.  People like you, make people like me, look really bad.  :)  But I'm a Big Girl, I can handle it.

So anyway, here are two Halloween decorations that are fast and fun!  While I LOVE the white pumpkins and those gnarly looking pickish pumpkins that you can find at Farmer's Market or my garden, I opted to purchase a resin pumpkin from the local craft store so that I can use it year, after year…..Hint: they are ON SALE now! Spooky Pumpkin  I ordered one of our Small Spooky Bats Definately Decorative Decal (#119280 – $4.95)  and Spooky bats
applied it to the pumpkin.  EASY and all for right around $12 bucks!  Now, if I were to do this again…I would either purchase the Larger Decal for the Large Pumpkin or get a smaller pumpkin.  I had the small one in mind and I talked myself out of it at the store! Obvoiously, the smaller pumpkin would make the craft even cheaper!  I think the Frightful Sight decals would also make some fun pumpkins.

Then I braved the spider webs and the dark to venture into my basement and find myself a glass jar.  I whipped out my trusty Black Spray paint and sprayed the jar.  Added some Peach Parfait and Black Satin Ribbon and one of the Quick Accents from the Pick Your Poison Sheets.  Spooky PUmpkin 2This project….less than a BUCK!  Added some Pixie Sticks (they are addicting!) and set out to enjoy the little taste of Halloween.  These are also available as a Digital Download for your Scrapbooking and Home decor needs.  Check back tomorrow to see the third project we've whipped up for Halloween.  I need to plant some garlic today so I'll be off! PIck your poisin

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