Sent the Big Kids off this morning to Middle and High.  Can't believe we've come to this already.  I love summer vacation but I can tell I'm getting older as I've started liking a set routine and those of you with children can attest that there is no routine with teenagers and summer vacation, unless that routine starts at 11:30 am!  Ha, I'm sure they will all be fast asleep quite early tonight.  The wee one is still in bed!  Apparently she kept telling Adria, "hit the snooze button, would ya?!?!"  Her turn is next week! 

First Day

We welcome with open arms the new Holiday Mini catalog today as well.  Gotta love this little gem.  Holiday Mini

Let me know if you haven't received your copy.  I've got loads of them to zip out to you!  What's my favorite, you ask?  I think I'm most in love with the Simply Scored.  Man, oh man.  We put it head to head against a competitor here in the studio and it won, hands down.  Scored cleaner and quicker and the price is fantastic!  Simply Scored – $29.95  . 

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  Simply Scored