So, it's Wednesday and it's a Whatever Wednesday.  I need something quick today as I'm the Beach Soccer Carpool Mom today and the bus is leaving in one hour and I'm still in my jammies!  So, I'm going to share with you a quick recipe that came into my inbox yesterday.  It's simply divine and oh so easy!

I was so inspired that I needed to run to the grocery to pick up marshmallows and icecream to make this last night!  Here's a little bit of information that you probably didn't know.  As you've probably heard, Ella has food coloring (dyes) sensitivies and we are always amazed what products have food coloring in them.  ie. Pizza Hut Pizza Sauce, dill pickles, many candies etc.   So of course, I was letting her binge on marshmallows around the campfire because they are "white", cept if you read the packageing they contain Blue Dye.  Hello!!! 

So, we were thrilled when a friend had brought Aldi's marshmallows to our camping trip and amazingly, no food coloring.  We are open for Smore's and Rice Krispie treats again!  So, long story short, I headed off to Aldi last night and whipped up these wonderful creations!!!

Marshmellow Shake I found this on How Does She blog. 

Basically, toast your marshmallows and throw in a blender with 2 c. icecream and 1 c. milk.  Yummy

Here's a link to the the directions and recipe.


Enjoy, off to Bradford Beach for a little Beach soccer, obviously not for me but for the kids.