This time of year is filled with such angst for me.  I'm torn between two opinions on so many levels.  I LOVE having the kids home for summer, the lazy mornings the lack of routine but yet about now, start longing for quiet and a schedule.  I love the garden and fresh produce but about now, am secretly looking forward to frost so that I don't need to divide my time between hobbies.  I LOVE eating outside and fresh veggies from the garden but about now, start thinking about apples and soup and fattening foods.  I LOVE hot weather but I will have to say I NEVER look forward to cold! and I'm not quite ready to give up so many of the fabulous sets from the Summer Mini.

One of them being Touch of Kindness.  I love this cute bird and cat stamp set.  It's just adorable and it will be GONE after Aug 31st. 


Order yours today!  Here's a real quick card that I did recently. 

And of course, you must stamp an inside to match!





Off to can some peaches and pick some beans.  Today was supposed to be the day we hit the mall and bought some school clothes that fit but we did that yesterday, when it was so hot.  Whew that's a daunting task.  A four year old and a fourteen year old in a mall!  I'm too old for that kind of stress.