This is it!  The very last day to order those sets and accessories on the list!  It's so sad!  Just Buzzin' By is a set that is SO cute and is just a "happy" set.   I found this adorable card by Wendy Janson on our Stampin' Up! website and just had to share it with you. 


I didn't have time to Stamp Up something cute today, as I spent most of yesterday checking the girls in the hives and most are doing ok.  A little slow with all this wet weather.   Unfortunately my best hive is queenless so I'm feeling like a bad bee momma today and will have to get on the phone and either order one or think about transferring some frames from another hive so that they can raise up a new queen.  Did you know that bees can take a worker bee egg and feed it something called "royal jelly" and it will develop differently and become a queen.  And there is just one queen per hive. And lest you think she's got a life of leisure and the minions are doing ALL the cooking and cleaning…while that's true, she's the one laying up to 2000 eggs per day, depending on the season, for the REST of her life!  And all that after just one "date" -.Not a lot of wineing, dineing and wooing done by Romeo, that's for sure. One "playful date" and wham, it's barefoot…and a life of laying eggs.  They really are amazing creatures, though.

So quick check to make sure you haven't fogotten to order something you needed on those retiring lists.