It's got to be a quick one AGAIN.  I feel like this is a self portrait this morning.  We've got some dumb coons that seem to think the cat & dog food bins are their personal smorgasbord and thus I overslept by at least an hour…ok let's be honest.  I didn't roll my lazy self out for at least an hour past what would be acceptable!  So I'm behind AGAIN. 

Don't forget the  SU Retiring list.  This is a card that I'm sending out to a customer that just ordered this set from me.  I really like this layout and perhaps will have to work with it a bit tonight during Scrapbooking Club.  You coming?  We've got room for you!  Friday, June 17 6pm – Midnight & Saturday, June 18th 6pm to Midnight.  Come on OVER!

Brads- Square Ice Brads will be retiring.  Stock up now!  Order on-line here!