I'm cleaning the office and cutting cardstock in preparation for a couple of upcoming events.  One, my Hostess Club and Open Stamp Day……Hours are 5:30pm – 9pm,today and 1pm-9pm, tomorrow.  Feel free to drop in and make the three projects.  It's free with a $25.00 order or as a club member, free with a $20.00 order….

I do have a slight conflict to make you aware of…. My cousin, Jason, passed away this week after battling colon cancer for 5 years.  He was only 38.  We spent A LOT of time with his family, growing up.  The funeral is on Friday afternoon, and I feel that I HAVE to be there but yet, I've got club here.  So here's the plan…I'm going to leave the doors open to the office and leave the projects up….if you come Friday afternoon,….make your projects, pet the kitties, make yourself at home!…Obvoiusly, if you wash windows at home, feel free to take a crack at mine.  ok, you don't have to make yourself that much "at home" that you have to do my work too.  I'll leave catalogs and order forms on the table and you can make it somewhat "self-serve".  You all know where the Keurig is and the biscotti.  Relax and enjoy yourselves.  I'll really miss seeing you all but I need to head home for the funeral. 

My scrapbooking club members will be arriving Friday afternoon, so someone should be around most of the day….although the cats certainly will keep you company.