I wanted to do something like…on the first day of Sale-bration, SU gave to me….but I realized that would end up putting Christmas Carols in your head all day and since it's technically it's not the 1st day of Sale-a-bration (SAB)….but more of a Countdown to the END of Sale-a-bration, I opted to do more of a Sarah's Top 14 SAB Picks…

Here's Number 14!  (It's a sleeper in the SAB flyer and I'll be you didn't even see it!) 


If you would turn your SAB flyers to page 9….It's a Decor Elements Chalkboard item.  Absoluetely too cool!  I've added two of the them to the cupboards directly above the computer desk..  IMG_5204I'm hoping my children will be so enamored with this little item that they'll remember to relay my phone messages!  Ha!

Love, love LOVE This!    Now ya'll are aware of my Starbucks habit and if you'll remember those adorable little chalkboard signs announcing the flavor etc….

Here's what I've ordered up to go with my Free Chalkboard Decor Elements, Chalkboard ink..

  Chalk ink

I know… Aren't you digging it?!  Are the decorating wheels turning in your head?  Slap one on the wall, slap one on the refrigerator.  One on your favorite teens bedroom wall?  I wish there was way to add one to my office door so that I could say "COME ON IN!"


So there you have #14. Gather up your $50.00 order, visit my  online store and decorate away!

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