Early last month I was contacted by a friend and was asked to help coordinate a Cards for Troop Event.  My friend Sandy, works very closely with various units and sends care packages to the guys and girls overseas.  I usually try to do some sort of charity/fundraising event every year and since several of my downline have active duty family members and as a current VA employee, I think this would be a fabulous way to get involved with this project.  It's an extremely noble cause and I'm  thankful for the opportunity to share this with you all.

Our little community was struck recently, when a young man from the area was killed in action on Feb 20th.  Our hearts do go out to the Hidalgo family and words cannot express our sympathies.  I hope that each and every one of us is greatful for the service and sacrifices that our great service men and women, young and old, are providing for each of us. As a parent and a wife….I'm amazed at the strength and courage, of not only those that are serving, but those that remain home as well.  Sandy has been also working very closely with the Build Brigade effort to build a home for a wounded soldier from the Mukwonago area, and again, I'm amazed at the sacrifice of men and women that are serving our country.  Thanks hardly begins to cover your efforts! 

Now I know that the feeble efforts that we might put forth on their behalf is probably just that…feeble.  But let's try to make our service personnel's day.  I know, first hand, how appreciated a letter and a handstamped card is and how it brightens my day.  Here's what I need from you….set aside Saturday, April 30th.  I will be hosting a Stamp Camp for Troops.  It's going to be a FREE event (I need your sweat labor)  You will be making 6-8 cards and you will take home half of the cards for your own use and the other half will be sent to the troops in care packages.  Now these cards will then be used by the servicemen/women and will be mailed BACK home to wives, husbands, children and parents etc.  We will also be accepting cards that you may have already stamped and just need shipped out.  Come on, I know lots of you have a pretty deep stash of cards!  Many of these troops are so remote that they are not able to access a PX to pick up greeting cards etc. I will provide more details as I get them ironed out.


If anyone has access to a fabulous location for this event…please contact me!