Just in case you haven't signed up for Tuesday, Feb 15th's Vintage Trinkets class, I'm going to inspire you to pick up that phone and make the call!  Ok, I will admit that I'm a decent stamper & demonstator…not the company's greatest, not the worst…just middle of the road.  And by the way, I'm VERY comfortable in this category.  I like it here.  :)  Obviously, we are always working toward greater, but I'm happy in my skin.  Physically, I'd be happier with about 10 pounds less skin, but that's not the point I'm trying to make.

What is the point, you ask?  I'm not sure….seriously, though, on occasion, I create something that I can't help but to say…"ooooh, that's a good one!"  Here's one for Tuesday's class that I think you might really like too.

Vintage TrinketsClass is 5 cards that will have a vintage flair to them.  Antique Brads, Vintage Trinkets, Crochet trim etc. I've got room in both am and pm sessions.  Let me know if you can make it or even if you agree with me and "like" the card!  Again, Feb 15th – $15.00

Stamps:  Because I Care, Charming, Teeny Tiny Talk

-Can't stay and chat, I've got to get the kids up and moving and run into Waukesha to the Y to fit Denver for a baseball uniform, drop off stuff at the library and Valentines to the PO and coordinate a "stamp drop" for a customer and get back home to check on my behives.  Lots to accomplish today before my Scrapbookers decend for tonights Scrapbooking Club!