Just popping in quick with a Valentine Matchbook Tutorial.  Here's a quick photo of my adorable niece and her Valentine Projects.  We whipped these babies out in about 25 minutes.  I've also done a quick tutorial for your viewing pleasure.


Now, that being said…the video tutorial isn't the most polished. 


I deleted the first attempt and the second has a bit of background noise.  I'll work with this…also, I couldn't figure out the new editing software so I couldnt get it rotated and cropped as I wanted it…again, I'll work on it.  AND please don't notice the smudges on my wrist and sleeves.  It was THE coldest day of the year and I couldn't get my pellet stove to light…oh yeah, it needs to be cleaned out on occassion so I emptied the ash drawer, spewing ash everywhere!   Finally, I got the stove lit and washed my hands…I just didn't realize that the soot was everywhere else….you will even see me brushing it off of my cardstock!  So please excuse the tutorial, we've only got room to improve!  So here and now…I promise to work on the finetuning of the You-Tube tutorials. 

And let me show you the three reasons why it took us 25 mintues to make 22 of these, instead of a measly 15 minutes.