I've cleared the calendar today and am sending Ella to afterschool daycare (ok it's just basically a longer preschool!) so that I can crank out two things on my "to-do" list.  One is my mid-month newsletter and the other is the Stamps by Mail cardstock and directions….so why's that important to you?  Well, for one, make sure that you are on my mailing list (signup box in the upper right hand corner!) and getting all the latest tips and techniques AND to let you know that if you missed signing up for Stamps by Mail, I can squeeze you in, under the wire. 

Seriously, Stamps By Mail is fabulous.  It's a preset list of items (substitutions can be made if you have the items) and then I create 9 cards using the set.  Next,  I type up DETAILED directions and cut cardstock so that you can stamp each of those cards twice.  I know, fabulous.  Easy.  Amazing!  All this comes over the course of three months.  Here's one of the cards that my "Mailees" are going to be stamping this week.  So if you are long distance and can't stamp with yours truely in person…you can stamp with me in spirit.  If you have endless hours of business trips, soccer games, or cabin experiences…you can grab the packet, your tape and scissors and make your "away" time very productive!  If you just are getting into stamping and need a few ideas, again, SBM is THE perfect avenue for you!  CALL me!  262-521-3194 or email.

  Nature Walk9 Stamps By Mail Kit!  Everything you need to make this card!  All prepped and ready to go for you! 

More info for Stamps by Mail can be found here.