I've been working on paperwork here in the office the last couple of days.  I probably should be doing a tad of exercising but alas, stamping and even paperwork is more fun than that evil "E" word.  But I wanted to take a moment to remind you of a special thank you that I send out to all my customers.  You will receive a complimentary tutorial  every time you place an order with me…on-line, in a class or party.  As long as I have your email address, it's coming over the cyberspace to you!  Here's just a sneak peak at Feb Thanks Bunches Tutorial!

CIAF-AD-Feb11 This tutorial is done using the Create a Cupcake and the Build a Cupcake Punch from the Occasions Mini.  Too cute.   And if for some reason your tutorial has been Lost In Space, simply email me and I can attempt to re-send it over to you. 

Again, place your order TODAY to receive this additional tutorial, FREE!