Wow, that was exciting!  I'm not sure if you noticed…..but I haven't posted here recently?  Yeah, I know, Ella's birthday, Christmas along with a Holiday weekend at the hospital….then we packed up the kids bright and early last Monday and headed to the Wilderness in the Wisconsin Dells a couple of days and decided last minute to stay at some friends for a couple of more days and just hung out!  I seriously haven't stamped for about two weeks!  Eeeks, I'm not sure if I remember how.  I was hoping to spend the morning working on paperwork while Ella is at preschool but I'm pretty sure the other parents will thank me if I keep her home one more day….she's got a touch of something…a cough and aches but no fever so I'm sure the mounds of Wacky Wednesday orders to write up may not get completely tackled today.  Nothing like a whiny sick kid…..a but it's the beauty of having my own business.  I do have the flexibilty to stay home with sick kids and stay extra days on vacation.

So….a card…but I haven't stamped in forever….like two weeks!  So how about a quick reminder that TODAY is the VERY last day that you can order from the Holiday Mini Catalog! 


Deck the halls 4

Autumn spice 5

So all for now, have to run Adria out to the bus stop.  Enjoy the day!