Ohh…my new phone is telling me that it's -6 degrees this morning.  That's pretty cold, even for WI and nope, no school closings today, kids.  It's one of those days where I would be perfectly content to spend the morning, afternoon and evening holed up in my studio and playing with MY art supplies.  But alas, we are getting company this weekend….and I will be needing to shovel out the girls' room for our guests.  It'll be fun and the room certainly needs a good cleaning.  I found Halloween candy underneath Denver's last night….so I'll quick share a sample with you and send you on your way and I'll be off to find the vacuum and a garbage bag!

Owl punch2 This is yet another sample for my upcoming Cards and Coffee class on Monday, Jan 24th and 25th.  (This was another sample shared at our last Group Event by a very talented downline, Marilyn Lesser).  I loved the Valentine card down with the Owl Punch!

I hope you can come!


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