Ok, we in Wisconsin, like to thnk optimistically.  Obviously we have to or we'd NEVER survive.  It's kind of like one of my favorite things from my trip to Ireland.  The forecast one day was…"rain with patches of dry".  Now how can you be disappointed in that whimsical description of the weather.  It still makes me smile for some dumb reason and it WASN'T the Guiness that was making me smile, I'm a tea & coffee drinker and that's about it!  So you'll have to forgive me if I share a card from my upcoming Punch Art class, on Dec 14th.  Wisconsinites golf here until the snow flies (supposedly it may start today…it's that time of year)… and they are back at it as soon as the snow is off the green.  So for the men and women that are true golf die-hards, come to class and make this card for their next birthday.

Stamp Set:  On The Green.

It's difficult to see with this abysmal lighting but the golf balls are dimpled too.  It's MUCH cuter in person!  Email me to sign up for class.

And how about a fun little book to complete the package.  Did you know there is an entire book of slang…and not the four letter kind!  Golf

The Little Book of Golf Slang by Randy Voorhees.



Hugs for today.  Stay warm!