Ok, and the winner is….you'll have to see for yourself!  I've finally done it! 

I procrastinated for months and you can tell that I've got a face for radio and not You-Tube!  I first needed to find and charge the video camera and then needed to wait for a good hair day but….those, at my age, are few and far between…then we needed to find a clean spot in the Stamp Room and the stars needed to align in Aquaris…you get the picture.  So I finally just needed to strap on a pair and make the dumb video!

Here's the self critic…so you don't have to.  I'm scared silly.  I shake the drawing board like an idiot.  It's probably really my arm shaking in fear but remember, this is my very first video, ever, I don't even do the family home videos…but I'm tickled pink that you can share the excitement of the Gift Certificate Board and who knows, we may have created a monster.

If you are wondering what this is all about…remember, I have a drawing board.  Every $50 in purchases, online or in person, gets you a square on the board.  When the board is full we draw for a $100 Gift Certificate. 


So, I wonder what our winner is going to pick with her $100 in free product!  Thanks again for shopping with me and for my lovely assistant, Gail, for helping draw our winner.