There are days that can be only described a Banner Days.  I had one of those yesterday.  I can hardly believe it myself when I think about the fabulous day.  Nothing earth shattering but just an all round good day.  I got SCADS accomplished….I wrote up my December Newsletter and got that emailed out (did you get it?), I got the Wacky Wednesday stuff typed up and sent out, I placed an order for MY new Occasions Mini stuff AND I figured out how to use You-tube to share the "winner" video with you….and this if from the woman that can't figure out how to change her ring tones on her phone.  BUT all this pales in comparision to the fabulous MAIL that I got….

Ok, I get that an e-card or email is easier, but when was the last time that you squealed when you opened an email and the kids ask, "what's that about?"  Here's my banner mail day!  You are gonna squeal too.

This is a card that I got from a fabulous friend and customer, Gail B.  She routinely sends me adorable things and I can't wait to rip open an envelope that has her return address on it.  Check this out and the inside is just as cute!  

Gail's Santa
A mutual friend of ours shared her card and her Santa's beard has the Manhatten Flower folder….I can't begin to tell you how talented Gail and her friends are!  Seriously, fabulous!

And that's not it!  Here's the second card.  This card is done by another wonderful friend and downline, Phyllis Nufer.  It's a fun fold done with the Candy Cane Christmas DSP and the Merry Crittermas Stamp set.  Oh man, it's cute!

Phyllis's Card

Yeah, you see that?  It's not ONLY colored adorably with markers, it's precisely cut, right down to the bird sitting on the tree.  Unbelievably adorable!

Phyllis 2 So, can you see why the day was awesome?  I got lots knocked of my list AND I was wrapped in love all day.  Hoping today will be even half as good!  A little snow would top it off.  🙂