Where, oh where did yesterday go?  Wait, I can tell you, whether or not you really want to know!  It's been a couple of really productive days.  I fled the house in defense Tuesday night….Ok, not really but I had hoped to join Cheryl Lentz and Janice Borchart and stamp the evening away.  The girls had a marathon stamping week planned and I wanted to escape my reality and join them for a bit.  DH called at suppertime and said he was stuck late on a job.  Oh bummer!  Denver overheard our dilemma and VOLUNTEERED to watch Ella so I could go play.  What a sweetheart!  And this is following on the heels of the last Ella Babysitting experience he had…she cut off all her hair while he was in charge.  :)  So I fled, before anyone could change their minds.

Here's just one of the many things I got finished that night.  (Still working on the wedding invites, today, I swear!)  This is a card that we will be stamping at my Cards, Coffee and Biscotti class at the end of the month.  (I changed the name from Techniques, Tools and Folds.  Doesn't it sound more boutiquey?)  Since I have several Christmas Card Classes on the schedule, I wanted this class to be more "non-Christmas." 


TIDBITS & TRIFFLES – just a few notes

  • This is a sample from November’s Cards and Coffee class on November 29th & 30thEmail me to sign up.
  • I used two colors that haven't seen a lot of action in my workshop lately, Blushing Bride and River Rock. 
  • The girls said this was a typical “sarah” card…not sure how to take that.  Weird colors?  Simple?  Not fussy?  Wide hips and no chest???  Hmmm…..  🙂
  • To order your Stampin’ Up! supplies – 24-7, Click here!


So then yesterday…..since I stayed WAY too late at Cheryl's, I ignored the alarm for at least an hour…I slept my writing time away.  I really didn't spend much time in the office.  I cleaned out two more flower beds and am almost finished planting those millions of tulip bulbs!  I think I heard snow…and panicked so I really wanted to get some of the yardwork done.