I was telling a customer that I would be home scott-free if I made it through Oct.  What, with the Stamp'In, the Stamp Expo, a Family Girls' Weekend, Diva Day and Shoebox swap for my downline, several classes and finally Halloween, I wasn't sure I was going to survive with my mind intact!  I am happy to report it's November 1st, my mind is mostly fine,  my kids survived this month on less vegatables than usual, soccer is winding down and I've got an entire day with only a 5pm indoor soccer game!   Ok, I've got to finish up 125 Save the Date cards and plant approximately 25000 tulip bulbs. (ok that's an exaggeration but it looks like a mound of them and I'm pretty sure that it will feel like 25K by this afternoon!) but this week looks to be cleaning off heaping piles of paperwork and cleaning the house and office.  Sheer bliss!

I've got a couple of quick things to share with you quick today.  Here's a quick photo of the kids.  Ella was a Mermaid this year.  We took a $1.99 party dress from Goodwill and made the outfit.  I had planned on long flowing curled locks to cover the shoulders and make a seashell headband but last Friday we had the scissor fiasco and she seriously chopped everything but a 4" mullet in the back…so hence, no long blond curls to enhance the costume.  We went with Rob's sister's kids last night and yeah, I'll admit D's costume isn't real original….he went as an injured snowboarder to school, complete with the crutches, leg brace and bandages, he was really on his way home from a soccer tournament.  🙂



And here's a quick card that we will be doing in my Glitz and Glimmer class on Nov 15th& 16th.  I've got three sessions of this class.  Monday, Nov 15th @ 9:30am, Tuesday, Nov 16th @ 9:30am and 6:30pm.  This class will be everything that sparkles and shines!  This is a card that one of my adopted downline brought to the Shoebox Swap on Saturday.  My downline gets together on a regular basis and we do an event similar to a stampers version of potluck.  You bring a project and prep it for everyone and then you make everybody elses project.  GREAT fun.  We welcome customers and potential demos to come and participate as well!  We are really quite fun!  Yes this card is way more ADORABLE in person!