My blogging time has been taken up with rescuing the cat.  I never leave my keys in the car but somehow yesterday they were left in the van and while I was cleaning OUT the van, the cat must have decided to look for stray hamburger or french fry bits.  Alas, the keys and the cat are in a locked vehicle.  Spare pair are AWOL.  Ever tried convincing a cat to step on the electric locks?  I'm assuming that's how it became to be locked in the first place.  Looking pretty dumb this morning patting the window…it's taken some convincing but he's sprung and now I have a VERY grateful kitty.  His motor is loud, the nuzzling is almost desperate and I'm thinking a claw trimming may be in order.  Anyway I THINK it's gratitude and not a scolding…. 

So no cute card this morning.  I'll just remind you to visit the Clearance Section of my online site.   Check out some of the great deals!