It was a whirlwind weekend and I didn't get a bit of stamping in!  I've got swap cards that I'm going to need to overnight to Kentucky after Ella and I get them finished up this morning.  It's a Christmas Mini swap of 30 cards and I've got mine about half done.  I need to assemble and glitter and I just didn't have a chance this weekend. 

The big kids had soccer tournaments in Palatine, IL and we spent the time running back and forth between the two teams' games and the pool for Ella.  By time I fell into bed…there wasn't stamping just a lot of snoring!


Denver's Team took 2nd in the U-12 Green Bracket.  Good job boys

10 Palatine Cup
Adria's team took 1st in the U-14 Green Bracket.  Won in Penalty Kicks which can be pretty nerve wracking!

Stamping….Hmm.  How about a quick photo of one of the cards from our SARendiptiy group meeting back on Thursday.  This card was swapped by Cheryl Lentz of Muskego and she's used the Level 2 Hostess Set Cute by the Inch.  Off to start up the washer and the mountain of smelly jerseys.  Uuugh.

IMG_3938 (2)