Ok, wouldn't you just know it.  It's only been 85 degrees and humid for the ENTIRE month…so I take off work at the hospital last night so that I can spend the afternoon in the hives today and I wake up to this!  Can you believe it?  It's freezing out and my bees will be CRABBY!  But alas, I have to work on it today or it's going to be hunting season shortly and my "assistant" will be AWOL.  Wish me luck, I anticipate a few stings.  This honey had better be good and LOTS of it.

I've had both the Early Summer and the Late Summer variety for sale here in the office and I've been bringing it to the local farmer's markets.  I'm going to look for a few fall Craft Fairs to participate in as well.  So, if you are looking for a great gift or a little taste of local honey, here's your answer!  Raw Local Pure Honey straight from our farm to your toast.



Honey Bear – 12 oz


Honey 16

Honey – 16oz Squeeze



Honey – 24 oz Squeeze



Honey – 32 oz Squeeze


I will ship via USPS, using the Flat Rate Priority Boxes when I am able too as it's the most feasible method of  delivery.  The Late Summer honey is a very nice light honey.  It's delicious.  The Early Summer is more of a earthly honey with some spicey undertones.  I will ship Late Summer, unless you send instructions otherwise.  Off to get some stamping done and hope the weather turns around into my favor!