Man, am I having a hard time self starting today.  I slept in an extra hour and now am just wandering around the office doing NOTHING!  I know, check for a fever!  Maybe I'm just feeling a little blue that school is starting in two days.  I loved school and I know my kids do too, so what's the problem.  I think it's more the finality of another summer GONE and the imminent cooler weather and eventually SNOW and winter and COLD.  Do you think they have stamp rooms this wonderful in say, New Mexico?  Of course we'd spend a fortune on air conditioning.  As fate would have it, I, a naturally occurring "cold body", would fall in love with a extreme "hot body" (note:  I did NOT say 'Hottie") and a far more opinionated one than I, and the said, "hot body" would need the air conditioning set at 69 degrees!  No joke!  Thus the start of the temperature wars in our home.  6am as the tail lights are leaving the driveway….beep, the air is OFF and turned on again late afternoon.  Shhh, don't tell him but I hate COLD.  So you can see my dilemma, I'm thinking of Christmas.  You must have gotten your mini catalog this week and are probably feeling the excitement.  Ok, that is something to look forward too, new stamps!

But don't forget, we aren't there just yet!  You have two days to order from this current Mini catalog yet and there are some really good ones in there yet.  Here's a card that I'm stamping as a Make and Take at my workshop tonight.  Adorable, isn't it?  It's using the Watercolor Trio set.  Love it!  Don't miss out.

IMG_3854 (2)

  • Stamps:  Watercolor Trio
  • Inks:  Always Artichoke, More Mustard, Bravo Burgundy
  • CS:  White, Artichoke, Burgundy

& Triffles – just a few notes

  • I used the Stampin' Up! markers to directly color on the stamp itself.  Once the entire image is colored, then you "huff" by breathing on the stamp and the moisture from your breath, rewets the colors and you can stamp.  Great technique that is often overlooked.
  • This set has three flowers and three very nice script sayings.
  • Christmas gifts….how about a set of six cards using this layout and make two of each of the three.  Birthday Wishes, From the Heart and Thanks So Much.
  • 120084S
  • To order your Stampin’ Up! supplies – 24-7, Click here!