I have been to MY "Happy Place".  I totally understand the allure of a weekend away or just a couple of hours spent in my Stamp Room.  It really is enjoyable!  I left the "wee" one in care of her big sister and headed out with nary a backward glance!  Loaded up the van and headed over to one of my downline, Cheryl Lentz's, for a blissful weekend of stamping fun, fun fun.  I picked up fellow demo, Randee Erickson from TX at the airport and spent the weekend with Janice Borchart and Cheryl.  We had scads of fun and ate way too much  Thanks bunchesl!  Why no pictures, you ask?  Uuuhh, showering when crafting is optional?  Ok, I didn't necessarily stay in my jammies but let's just say, I wasn't so much, camera ready.  Or maybe it was just that we were too busy to snap a photo.  I worked on my DSP kit for August, I whipped up class samples, my Relay for Life cards and started working on August-October's Stamps By Mail cards and truly…they are adorable.  I've chosen to use Sweet Scoops for my set this session.  I'm needing to work on a few details before I share them with you all but here's to say…WATCH FOR IT, as it's going to be good!


I needed to make this one short today as the ramifications of four days away are always gruesome.  I'm off to work in the house, the garden, the laundry room, the ….  you get the picture.  Hugs til next time.