Spent part of Tuesday afternoon having coffee with two of the nicest ladies!  I meet Nancy Z & Kathy B at the Gingerbread House and I felt like I was looking at what I hope to be in 25 years.  Retired, active, funny and drinking coffee with new friends and devouring the catalog.  Seriously, it was a funny sense of deja vu.  (although it would have to be "deja new" since it was future, right?)  Then I repeated the cycle on Wednesday morning, with another whole new set of ladies at the Star-bucks by Miller Park.  I loved meeting you all and I hope you will attend my Customer Appreciation/Catalog Kickoff to celebrate on July 15th.  Come anytime to the house, between 5:30pm and 9pm to check out some of the new product and make some complimentary make and takes.

Catalog does go live today.  I will try to put up a link as soon as it's available.  I'm working on sending out catties to those of you that requested them.  Whoo Hoo! 

So, this week, I've also been working on turning the office over for the new catalog year and pulling out discontinued items etc.  Rearranging and decluttering.  More reason to attend the Kick Off as
that I will be putting some of the items out for rummage!  Paper was the first area to tackle.  I've decided to move the full sheets of cardstock to a central location.  Current 12×12 and retired 12×12 and 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock is sorted on the left side of the tower by color shades.  I've started with greens and moved through the rainbow and sorted by shades.  Current 8 1/2" x 11" is on the right side and I've sorted them into the new color Renovation families.  I have four colors to a slot.  I've also ordered the 12×12 paper sorters and will be labeling the 8 1/2" x 11 so that it's easy to locate and reorder as needed.


Organization3 (2)

Denver has made a new batch of biscotti for classes.  It's lemon and kind of a tradition for my class attendees.  Biscotti and coffee as needed! 

Organization1 I've used one of our Oval Chalkboard Decor Element Labels on a jar that I picked up on a rummage sale for the biscotti.  They come three to a pack, three sizes for only $5.95.  Fab organization tool.