Yesterday, I told you that the week was full with Customer Appreciation Prep.  Well, here's how I spent my Friday and Saturday.  Harvesting honey.  Friday morning, I cracked open the hives as I KNEW they were getting full.  I just didn't have time with all my pricing and cardstock cutting!  and yup, it was full.  Rob graciously agreed to fire up the extractor to spin the honey out of the honey comb.  I'm getting an order of bottles this week and will finish bottling them later this week. 

Here are a couple of shots from the process.  If you haven't had our honey before, I will have it for sale here in the studio.  Our spring honey is best described as slightly spicy.  It's got some neat undertones.  Did you know that honey is good for seasonal allergies?  Administer a tsp of local honey everyday to help manage allergies.  The pollen in the honey is supposed to help decrease your response to allergens.  Kind of like allergy shots but oh so much more enjoyable.


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Not exactly, haute couture.  My shirt usually covers by backside and my socks ARE not on the outside of my pants but I really didn't want extra access points for 100,000 bees.  :)  I'll look dorky and err on the side of caution!

Extractor - it's a big centrifuge that spins the frames while heating them.
Drains into storage buckets - 13 gallons worth!

Daddy and Sticky Girl-hard to keep her out of the the goods!