BikeScreech, crash, boom, bang!  That's the sound of the Tour de Catalog getting off to a very harrowing and disappointing start.

I load up cases of catalogs, shut up the studio and head off to Oconomowoc, anticipating lunch and coffee at a quaint little coffee shop and looking forward to handing out catalogs like candy to stamp junkies.  Head out of the driveway and punch in the address Yahoo has given me for Shanahan's coffee in OCONOMOWOC – 915 Summit, into my GPS.  Lots of time to linger and savor the day and a van full of catalogs.

IMG_3581 (2) This is the address of 915 Summit.  Of all the coffee shops in Oconomowoc….Starbucks, Bruggers Bagels, the Java Hut etc, I pick one that simply doesn't exist.  Last week when I googled Oconomowoc Coffee Shops, I wanted to patronize a Mom and Pop place for the Tour de Catalog to support a local business….so I picked Shanahan's, a fairly centrally located place that I thought I'd been to before.  This is what I pulled up to….Yeah, Aurora Medical Clinic.  So not coffee or the shop of my memory!  I call my Mom in a tizzy and with the help of GPS, 411-Information, and her computer, we tried to figure out what was wrong!

Apparently there is one in Mukwonago but never was or will be one in Oconomowoc.  So make a note…don't believe everything you read on the internet and if you tried to have cup and a catalog with me….I was sitting in the parking lot, longing for a coffee and writing some thankyou notes.  Of course, the offer of a complimentary catalog still holds…simply email me and tell me your saga of driving all over Oconomowoc so that I can sympathize with you…I really do apologize for the effort you put into coming to see me and having to drive away empty handed!

Leg 2 I'm happy to report went far better, although two of my dear customers didn't read the red address that I provided of the Starbucks in Waukesha and went to the 'other' one.  Sorry Girls.   I'm so glad that I had my cell phone on me and could direct them to the real party!  I handed out 3 cases of catties to junkies in Waukesha and I had a tall Caramel Macchioto.  The day ended on a high note.

Today is Day 2 of the Tour de Catalog and again, I will close up the studio after class this morning and head off on the 3rd and 4th Legs of the Tour.  I will be hanging out in Menomonee Falls and the New Berlin/Muskego area.  Come and see me and pick up your catalogs here!

  • Tuesday, June 29th – 1-3pm Menomonee Falls – Panera Bread – W176N9340 River Crest Dr
  • Tuesday, June 29th – 3:30-5:30pm Muskego/New Berlin – The Gingerbread House – S63W16147 College Ave