It's Tuesday's Tools and there is one tool that every stamper and scrapbooker needs and that is a cutting tool.  I have both the Tabletop Paper Cutter and the regular Paper Cutter,I104152S as I use them for different things.  My Tabletop Cutter is probably the workhorse of the office.  I use it everyday.  The "little" paper cutter is the cutter I grab when I go to a crop or use in workshops, let the kids use, and for precise cutting such as this card sample. 

Did you know that when you line the edge of your photo or layer up directly under the cutting arms edge that there will be an automatic 1/4" mat?  So I use it a lot when I scrapbook.  Also, this was a news flash for me!  I had this baby about 4 years before I realized that there is a swing arm underneath that swings out to give you up to 12" measurements.   There is a scoring blade attachment that can be added to the unit and the price and portability of the overall product is nice too.  I needed to use this cutter because I needed a precise cut 1" from the bottom of the card, cutting 2" in from the left side, and stopping 2 1/8" from the back bottom.  Difficult to manage without the cutter.  :)  

IMG_0805 (2)

This Fun Fold is the 5th card that will be done in my class on Monday March 22nd and Tuesday, March 23rd.  I have room in all three sessions.  Sign up today.