I done beat so I'm cheating and sharing two FABULOUS cards that have been making my world brighter of late.  Ella has the flu and a horrible case of diarrhea and while that means extra laundry and a night of sleep in 20 minute chunks,  on the plus side, she's sleeping lots and actual behaves!

Both of these cards are FABULOUS!  My mailbox has been blessed by many beautiful handstamped cards lately and I may just have to do this Guest Stampers Segment more often!  Here's how awesome both of these have been!  When I ripped open the envelope on each of them, I actually GASPED in delight. 

My only question is this…why are you both sending ME these masterpieces!  These are gorgeous, send them to contests where there is actual MONEY involved, not just a dumpy little stamp set from yours truly.  Seriously, my day was made and it just reconfirms why we stamp.  It's not because we are "saving" money on greeting cards, it's because we are sending a little piece of ourselves and we are looking to bring a slice of sunshine to another….and ladies,  I just want to tell you MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  My week was made with each of these masterpieces and I'm getting teary-eyed thinking about handstamped tokens of love.  Thanks bunches.

Card 1 is from Nikki S.  Gorgeous.  The Basic Gray Satin ribbon is a kicker!  Here's how pathetic I've been of late, I didn't realize that this was our ribbon and just how utterly gorgeous it is.  She's also used the Bella Bleu paper.

IMG_0811 (2)

Card 2 is from Gayle B.  Again, man oh man.  You must be coming to classes simply because you think I'm hilariously funny and you like me because I'm not sure I can teach anything more than you already know!  Seriously gorgeous.  I love you too Gayle.  I made one of these type of cards for my class next week and I was thinking I was something….ha, this one far out-shines mine.  LOVE IT. 

IMG_0812 (2) 

Off to bed.  I have to be at the VA at 11:30pm and I need to catch a quick nap before heading in.  Hugs all.  Thanks to Nikki and Gayle for being Guest Stampers.