I have some photos that I wanted to share of a Girl Scout Troop that took over the office last month.   The troop leader, Brandy, her daughter, Katie and I sat down and figured out 4 fairly simple Valentines for the Troop to stamp in vast quantities.  Then we picked a day where the Troops descended.  We had a fabulous day and each Scout that attended made enough of the Valentines for their classes (about 30 for each Scout).

Here's one of the easier ones.  It's just a quarter sheet of glossy cardstock stamped randomly with the I {Heart} Hearts set.  The girls had a blast choosing the colors and then were able to put it in one of our Clear Translucent envelopes with a piece of candy.  I love using the foil wrapped chocolate hearts in a color that I've used on the Valentine itself. 

IMG_0757 (2)

Here's another that I call a Valentine Taco.  A circle was cut with the Big Shot and the Circle Scallop die.  The girls stamped tags of their choice and then were able to wrap the Circle Scallop around a mini candy bar (Twix works great) and a Mini glue dot holds them in place fabulously.

IMG_0759 (2)

The best part of the morning was that the girls earn a Card Making Patch.  

IMG_0630 (2)

If you know of any other Scout Troops that would love to use the office for their Card Making Patch, I am available and would love to help coordinate the process.