Ooh, have we got some fun things planned for you on Saturday, Jan 9th.  It's our quarterly Stamp'In held at the First United Methodist Church in Waukesha.  We have fabulous displays, doorprizes, raffles and tables and tables of rummage!   You can still register!!!  Five demonstrators are participating and here is just one of the fabulous cards that you will be stamping.

IMG_0549 (2)

Registrations needed to be to us by Jan 2nd BUT we are still accepting late registrations!  Come on, it's January and it's cold and you really don't need to mow your lawn.  Holidays are over so cleaning your house isn't an excuse.  Wash your hair?  Wear a cap, they are all the rage nowadays anyway.  Click the little button about 1" below and sign up!!!  Hurry.  It will be fun I promise. 

Regular Stamp'In!  9am-11:30

11:30am – 1pm Express "work at your own pace" version.  Start and stop times are definite.