I'm sure it's a very pressing question in your minds!  What do you do at a Stampin' Up! workshop?  Admit it, you think of it every morning and just wished I would answer that question for you!  I know, you are probably to embarrassed to ask, aren't you?  Admitting that it's been a long time since you've come to one of my parties and you just wished you didn't have to tell me about your naivety. 

We'll here's how a party works!  We set a date that will work for you and your friends.  I send out invites to everyone that you can think of that would like to have a fabulously fun time.  And come on, just how many friends do you have that don't want to have a good time?  I hope for you sake, it's just one or two!  Then the scores of friends, neighbors and family that actually are fun loving will come to your party and be amazed at how easy and enjoyable rubberstamping can be!  They will realize the key to your happiness is your rubberstamps!  (Look Mom, I made it myself, feeling!)

I usually demonstrate 1 or 2 cards for you as the hostess to keep, cherish, and hopefully use and send out instead of hoarding in your craft drawer.  (Trust me there's more where they came from!)  Then I demonstrate your make and takes.  You and your scads of fun-loving friends will be able to make two adorable cards absolutely free!  At this point, those two friends that don't like to have fun, will be extremely jealous of your fun friends and wished they could have made such cute and useful cards too.  We will have some time to shop and I will be on hand to answer any questions.  And one of the BEST times to have a party, because it's our Sale-a-bration season and it's all about FREE STAMPS!  You can supply the chocolate brownies if you so desire.  It's easy and a guaranteed good time.  Let's set up your workshop date today.

I have given you even more input into the party planning.  I set up an album where you can pick your make and takes!  I know, what a great idea!  Here's just one of the cards that you can pick.  Check out the rest here.  Call me so that you can have the best pick of dates!  262-521-3194

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