Oh the weather outside is frightful, inside the shop it's warm and delightful….Yes, I know.  It's suppose to snow tonight ALOT.  And of course it's going to snow….I do have a Customer Appreciation Class scheduled for tonight.  I had thought it would be nice to bake some cookies, put on some nice tea and coffee and let you make as many tags as you need as my little Christmas present to you.    It's pretty much guaranteed to rain or snow if I schedule an event.   (We've moved my Hostess Appreciation event to the spring for this VERY reason.  One of my customer's family's favorite jokes is as soon as it rains or snows, they ASK her if she's got stamp class!  🙂

So, since it is winter and we do live in Wisconsin and it's going to snow regardless, we are stamping tonight!  Drop it tonight anytime between 6:30 – 9:30pm and crank out a few tags with my Big Shot.  It's free and I'll have room for any and all.  These are just a few of the tags that you can do.



Sarah here:  Alrighty then….technical difficulties.  For some reason this never posted to the site yesterday but with the weather, I'm not sure it would have made much of a difference.  I had three hearty souls that braved the forecast and made a whole boat load of tags.  So Barb D., Roxanne and Brandy, you are the best!  Those tags will look stunning.