Tis the season for some of my favorite candies and cookies.  I LOVE cutout cookies but I'm a dismal failure at making them.  They just don't turn out like Mom's….so Mom if you are ready this…you can just wrap a bunch of them up for me and call it good.

Now, I do make a really mean Caramel.  Gooey and yummy and sprinkled with sea salt.  Delicious.  That's on the list for later this week.  Ella and I tried a new receipe this week for Mounds Bars.  Uugh.   You can visibly see my waistline expending.  If you love coconut, these are the candies for you.

At our last Group Shoe Box Swap, Donna Engler, demo from Muskego, brought this adorable box done with the Top Note and the Big Shot.  It's all in the presentation.  Ideally I should have made these a bit candies a bit smaller so that I could include four in a box as we had made dividers for the box originally. 

 Now if you think our group has all the fun and the very best jobs, you may well be right!  Come check our group out at the next Group Meeting on January 4th.  We'd love to share the Stampin' Up! opportunity with you.  It's a fabulous job!


Mounds Candy from Cooks.com


2 (12 oz.) bags coconut

1 lb. confectioner’s sugar

½ c. butter

1 tsp. vanilla

1 can Eagle Brand milk

1 bar thin paraffin (1/2 inch thick)

1 (12 oz.) bag of chocolate chips or white chocolate


Mix together first 5 ingredients.  Press into long pyrex dish and let chill overnight in refrigerator.


Melt wax and chocolate chips in double boiler, stirring frequently to blend.


Cut coconut mixture into 1×2” pieces.  Top with almond and dip into chocolate mixture.  Place on wax paper and let cool and refrigerate.

I dipped in chocolate first and then Ella added an almond and I redrizzled more over the top.  I had a very anxiously helpful 2 year old and I needed an appropriate job for her.  :)  She's very proud of her candies.
And let's give away some blog candy as well.  I love hearing from you all and I've either got just a couple of readers or very quiet ones and I know you all and you are NOT quiet….so I'm led to believe it's the first option!  bummer!  so in the spirit of "promoting" conversation and proving me wrong, I'm going to give away a monthly blog candy.  Post a comment on my blog anytime during the month to be entered in the drawing.  At the end of the month, a random number generator will pick the winners.  I've got Chit Chat and Dazzling Diamonds to give away here in December.  Go forth, make some bars and comment.