Oh what a banner day!  I had my Shimmer Paint class and without a stitch of false pretense and modesty, I will have to say it ROCKED!  Ok, perhaps it was just as much the class participants as the cards but hey…who's blog is this anyway!   I have a customer from Illinois that has been a Kit by Mail type of girl and I was able to meet her in person yesterday and yes, Arline is WONDERFUL. I'm so glad that Barb has introduced us a while ago and now she's more than just a friendly voice.  See, it was a banner day!

So I suppose you want to see the card samples that you missed at class!  Here's one of my favorites.

IMG_0212 (1)

Stamps:  Crazy for Cupcakes

We used the Frost White Shimmer paint and painted the cupcake liners, then we mixed the Frost White with Pretty in Pink and painted the frosting.  I don't think you can see the shimmer but we added 1/4 tsp of the Champagne Mist to a spritzer bottle of Rubbing Alcohol and misted the card.  I'm sold!  I get quivery every time I see this technique.  It's absolutely yummy.  I really tried to make this card without ribbons….can't, just can't do it.  I need ribbon intervention!

So then, I have my evening class and the girls in the evening class are just as awesome.  They tolerate an occasional "Ella visit" and most importantly, they think I walk on water!  I know, I ADORE the validation.  I really wish they all would move in here and explain to my family how cool I really am!    Love you guys too!

So I hate to tell them I can only walk on frozen water and I may not be all that and more.  The girls LOVED the tile we did with the Shimmer Paint mixed with reinkers.  In my extensive, Shimmer Paint research, Andrea Walford had an amazing tutorial on the tumbled tiles. 

IMG_0213 (3)

Stamps:  Holy Triptych

So see..it's just frozen water. But the project was worth it, hey?  I do think I may stamp up the trio of these for Ella's preschool teacher gifts.  And if you think the tiles rock, you aught'ta see the Big Shot Class stuff for December, join us!