Oh man, it happened!  It was inevitable but I just didn't think it'd happen so soon.  No it's NOT what you're thinking…it wasn't a second blue line on a little white stick that indicates Pos or Neg.  It's that dreaded stamping disease, Christmascard-fed-upitis.  It's seriousness is second only to No-Mo-Mojo-itis, the kiss of death to a stamping women.  If you have contacted No-Mo-Mojo-itis, run, don't walk my stamping studio.  This is serious!  When you lose your stampin' Mojo, it's bad and the complications are even worse.  You must be seen by a professional to administer the nasal vaccine.  It requires a precise dose of Stampin' Mist fumes along with a strict diet of biscotti, chocolate and cute cards and should it become chronic, a monthly dose of new stamp sets.   Trust me, there's hope here at the Office.  You've got my number.

But Christmascard-fed-up-itis, while it's painful and annoying, the remedy is a little easier to tolerate.  You just stamp something besides Christmas Cards and eventually the painful ticks and rash fade on their own.  It happened to me yesterday.  I've been stamping up a snowstorm of Christmas Cards designs.  First for the Rubberstamp Expo and then for several classes, like the Christmas Card Buffet and Shimmer Paint one coming up next week.  I could feel it coming and I threw caution to the wind and stamped one more with my new stamp set,  Cold & Cuddly.  This card is for my Hostess Club that met yesterday and today. 


  • Stamps:  COLD AND CUDDLY  116523   $27.95

While not exactly Christmas-y, it was the straw that broke it all.  I started feeling bad for all the Birthdays in December that get ripped off, the Get well and Sympathy cards I've not done or Thank You cards that just didn't get out!  All because of the all consuming need for Christmas Cards.  The trees, the snowflakes the Santas etc….I knew I had it.  Christmascard-fed-up-itis.  The rash, the ticks, the refusal to pick up a snowflake and cramping when using an Embossing Gun.

So I ran right over to the shelves and pulled out some non-Christmas, non-winter and not even FALL stamp sets.  Here's my second dose of antibiotic for Christmascard-fed-up-itis.  I think I feel better already.  It's a sassy little Fun Fold.  The top latte piece flaps over the bottom flap and just adorable!


Stamps:  PUN FUN  #115054   $32.95

Now, if you love these cards as much as I do, feel free to stop into the Hostess Club Open House today from 1pm-9pm.  My Hostess Club meets monthly and you are welcome to "try it before you buy it"  Meaning, you can stamp the three cards that the Hostess Club Members are working on today for only $5.00.  Come check us out and see if you'd like to join.  There is ABSOLUTELY no obligation to buy or join.  Just come and play and see what it's all about.