Weirdly enough, I took the entire weekend off!  No stamping, nothing.  Didn't even check my emails.  I shut the office door on Friday morning and didn't come back until today, Monday, even got in LATE!  I spent the Saturday, weeding the raspberry patch and I can tell I'm not a spring chicken any more.  Dug out the Tylenol before I even had the coffee this morning!  As well you know, that's SERIOUS. 

So in theory, the office should look like it was left on Friday, correct?  Except we need to factor in two things into the equation.  A soon-to-be teenager and a two year old.  While I was out breaking my back in the raspberries, (yeah, the weeds were really taller than I) others were creating havoc in the office.  This is what slapped me in the face this morning.  Looks like I won't make it over to the stamping desk today, I'll need to call in FEMA for the Hurricane Ella & Avalance Adria aftermath.  big sigh. 


All the parenting books would say leave the mess for them to clean up but I'd need to spend the day rocking in the fetal position waiting for that to happen.  So offer up a word of encouragement!  I'll need it.  Here is a quick CASE with variations of a card that I stamped up quick on Thursday night.  I've been working on our display boards for the Rubberstamp and Scrapbook Expo here in Waukesha at the end of the month.

Beary Best Friends

Off to rouse the D-man.  He, for once, wasn't part of the chaos.  :)   Really, the getting the raspberries crossed off the to-do list was worth it, and once it dries out, Rob can rototill between the rows better and I can get some grass planted and it will make the weeds more manageable next year.  So wish me luck, I've got so many things to stamp this week!  Hang on, I'll be posting scads!