well, Adria is anyway.  I've got a few minutes in the office before I start Round Two and send the next one off.  Today is always such a bittersweet day!  I love summer and having the kids.  I love the weather, the carefree mornings, lack of schedules but just like any vacation, by the time it's done, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.  I really do like routines and some structure for the most part.  So while I love everything about summer except the mosquitoes, my business needs fall, winter, and spring!  I'm so ready to get back to parties and classes and scrapbooking.  I'd love to share some cute cards with you but for the most part I've been getting these guys ready for school.  Adria's off to Middle School this year in Mukwonago.  So that's a whole new ball game.


I would like you to notice the background.  It's not even light yet!  This is going to be brutal come January!

I've also been doing some organization and this morning I need to clean up the stamp room.  Whew, I went through all my old retired embellishments and ribbons and have them sorted or in my dollar bin here at the studio.   Starting to look kind of cute, but miles to go yet!


So hopefully tomorrow, I'll have some cute things to share.  The Holiday Mini Catalog debuts today so I've got lots of reasons to stamp come nap time for the wee one.  She's starting Preschool next week for a couple of days a week and I'm going to try for scads of productivity.  Let's book your party so we can stamp together and I can share all the fun things that I've been working on.