Ok, imagine.  Your 12 year old is invited to a birthday party and NOTHING at the Target store is cool enough for the birthday girl.  Everything you suggest in your price range gets a theatrical sign and an equally annoying eye-roll.  Birthday girl apparently isn't sporty? doesn't play games?  doesn't read or write? Doesn't wear clothing?  Doesn't eat?  Doesn't listen to music?  Oh REALLY?! 

What's an un-hip mom to do?  Sure I'd love to get her a Furlicious Bean Bagfrom PB-teen.com that would match her room perfectly!  Of course the car payment wouldn't be made this month but yes, why wouldn't I?  Sarcasm wasn't appreciated and obviously can only be a one way street with this tween.  Yes, dear, I'm thinking more in the price range of $19.99 not $199.99!  So how about treating her to a Girl's Day Out in the comfort of your dear foggy old mom's Superhip Stampin' Studio?  Yup, that's the bomb diggity.  (seeing how far I can push the "cool" before I get the eye-roll.  I do believe it's my job to return the torment just a smidge)

So Birthday Girl and friends came yesterday for the GDO.  Here are their projects.  I had three cards prepped and then gave them free reign for a notebook and chapstick.



I desperately wanted to fix the bow on this card for Adria but I convinced myself that a 12 year olds card doesn't need to be perfect.  Her room?  As if!


This was all their doing.  I simply cut cardstock to fit the projects and gently steered them away from 20 colors on a notebook and excessive bling.  So, if you know a 12 year old that doesn't play games, has everything or is over the top cool and you need a great gift idea that's sure to dazzle, how about a Kids Day Out gift certificate for a stampin' afternoon in my supercool Stampin' Studio.  This works for boys as well.  In fact, B-day Girl wanted to "book" another and my Junior demo says, "Well, that one you'll have to pay for."  Hoo Boy.  Love her dearly but tack may not necessarily be her strong suit.