So I got the cutest email from one of my favorite customers about yesterday's kit samples.

"WHOA GIRLFRIEND!That is one heck of a deal!! Sign me up= when are you going to have them ready??????"  She precedes to tell me that she is anxious to get started and hurry up and get them ready!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when one of my readers is excited about something I stamp.  I get such warm fuzzies when I get feedback like that!  I know, it doesn't take much.  Same warm fuzzies when you leave comments on the site as well!  (Gentle Nudge!)  🙂

So my goal is to have these ready by today but who am I kidding….the kids want to go to the Washington County fair and I'm working at the VA tonight so realistically, lets say, Tuesday.  I'll have them assembled and ready for pickup or mailing.  So if yesterday's fab scrap pages of me looking scads younger and about 15 pounds lighter didn't push you over "the I gotta have it" line, how about another sample from the kit.  Here's one using two of the Top Notes included in the kit.



Razzleberry Paper Kit
Local Pickup $13.50Kit with Shipping $16.50