I've dug out one of my favorite samples from a previous Stamps By Mail to show you just how adorable this Heart to Heart Punch can be.  The punch is on sale this week (until Monday Aug 3rd at 10am) for an amazing 30% off!  What a steal!  It's $10.99 and cannot be found anywhere except from a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  And the very coolest thing?  It coordinates with the Love you Much stamp set (113756)sold on page 44.  Need one or both?  Order here!  Or simply email me by Aug 3rd and I can place the order for you!


Would love to stay and chat but I've got SCADS going on today.  Soccer Camp, Denver has a game at Helfaer field and followup tailgate, swap cards to cut for convention, (I promised I'd share later this week), Produce Co-Op boxes to fill, weeds to pull, children to motivate (ever feel like that one guy in Greek mythology?  I thought it was Prometheus but he's the one who has his liver eaten out by an eagle everyday and in the morning it renews itself.  Now one could make a good arguement for the parallels to parenting but it was the guy that had to roll a rock up hill forever and as soon as he reaches the top of the mountain, it rolls right back down.   Wikipedia says it was Sisyphus  Motivating my kids to do chores is like rolling a rock uphill, just to watch it reach the bottom again in seconds flat.  But aren't they darling sweet things!  :)  If only they weren't so cute and conniving.  I'm too easy on them.  I need to be meaner!  Ta Ta for today.