Don't you just LOVE a deal!   For those of us that are hot, tired, sweaty and counting days til school starts and just need a breath of fresh air and a little excitement, SU's got it.  Just a little taste of excitement in anotherwise overwhelming week.   I'm kidding about the school starting part.  Kids have been great this summer.  Of course, the list of chores is more likely to be a paper airplane that an actual list but I'm digressing and you didn't stop by to hear me complain! 

Don't forget that every Monday, SU will post a new deal on the website and here's this week's if you haven't had a chance to check it out! 



Awesome price for $6.99.  Stock up today!  Order online or dash of an email and let me know how many packs you'd like.  All for today.  Have to clean my stamp room and work in the garden today.  Toodles!